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The Village Shops in Gatlinburg.

Top 5 Places to Go Shopping in Gatlinburg TN


Do you enjoy shopping on vacation? Then you’ll want to know about all the great shops and stores you should visit when you’re in town! Gatlinburg has a ton of shops right on the Strip that are easy to find, but there are also plenty of hidden gems you’ll want to explore! Check out these top 5 places to go shopping in Gatlinburg TN!

1. Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community

gatlinburg arts and crafts communityA unique place to go shopping in Gatlinburg is the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community! This community is the largest independent organization of artisans in the country. All of the shops are locally owned along the 8-mile loop, and you’ll find all kinds of items, from handmade pottery to hand carved instruments. Many of the artists and craftsmen had their skills handed down from generations before them, and they keep many crafts and trades alive and well. You’ll be blown away by the incredible talent you see in this community.

2. The Village Shops

The Village Shops is definitely an area where you will want to go shopping in Gatlinburg TN! Tucked away off of the Parkway, this shopping center is designed to look like a European village, creating a quaint experience as you walk through and browse the shops. There’s a fountain in the center where you can sit and relax, or you can check out unique stores like The Day Hiker. There are also plenty of cafes and snack shops you’ll want to explore, including The Donut Friar, a popular coffee and pastry shop!

3. Baskins Square

baskins square signIf you’re looking for a shopping area that has a variety of different stores, you should check out Baskins Square while you’re in town! Pick up some Great Smoky Mountain themed souvenirs at Best of the Smokys or Bigfoot HQ. The kids will love looking in Doc’s Magic Shop to find unique toys and games, and you can stop by Claire’s to get some accessories! Do something fun with your family like play an escape game at Breakout, or make your way through a maze of mirrors at Ripley’s Mirror Maze. There are restaurants and snack shops in Baskins Square you’ll want to experience too, like Mountain Edge Grill and New Orleans Sandwich Company!

4. Towne Center Plaza

Towne Center Plaza is a cute place to go shopping in Gatlinburg TN right on the Strip! You’ll find all kinds of cool t-shirts, magnets, and other themed souvenirs to take home at Dixie Corner. Have a blast making memories at Old Time Photos, then head over to Funnel Cake Factory to grab a snack! There’s also a bigfoot themed philly cheesesteak sandwich stand you’ll want to try! You’ll have a blast browsing through the shops at Towne Center Plaza!

5. Mountain Mall

mountain mall in gatlinburgAnother popular place to shop in downtown Gatlinburg is the Mountain Mall. This indoor mall is pretty unique with a wishing well fountain at the center! All of the shops are locally owned, and you’ll find all kinds of unique items you’ll want to take home! Your kids will want one of everything in the toy store, and your whole family will find something sweet to eat at Aunt Mahalia’s candy shop! There are sports stores, body care shops, handmade gifts, and so many other types of stores in the mall!

If you love shopping, you can’t miss out on these places to go shopping in Gatlinburg TN! Wondering what else you will do when you stay in one of our cabin rentals? Check out these other fun things to do in Pigeon Forge!