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Liam's Retreat, a beautiful Pigeon Forge cabin.

Why is Staying in a Pigeon Forge Cabin Better Than a Hotel?


Here at Heritage Cabin Rentals, we know staying in a Pigeon Forge cabin is better than a hotel, but do you know why? We’ve thought about the two options and created a list of reasons why we know staying in a Pigeon Forge cabin is the better choice.

Gorgeous Mountain Views

You can stay at a hotel anywhere. Hotels can be found all over the place, but cabins are only in certain locations. If you want to be surrounded by gorgeous Smoky Mountain views, then a Pigeon Forge cabin is definitely the way to go.

Cabins Have More PrivacyA happy couple on a cabin deck enjoying one of their romantic getaways in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

It is like having a whole house to yourself versus only having one single room in a hotel. In a cabin, you won’t hear the person in the next room blasting their TV.

Planning for a Large Group is Easy

If you are planning to book for a large group, then a cabin would be able to offer more rooms. The cabin would also provide a dining and living area for everyone to meet-up and spend quality time together. Here at Heritage Cabin Rentals, we have gorgeous dining spaces.

Access to a Kitchen

Staying in a cabin gives you access to a large kitchen. You can utilize this space to cook meals with your family and even save money if you don’t want to eat out for every meal during your stay. Plus, sharing a meal together will give your family some quality bonding time.

Hot tub on the deck of Changes in Latitude, one of our cabins with mountain views in Pigeon Forge.Enjoy Amazing Amenities

Cabins offer private access to some really cool amenities. Would you rather share a hot tub with a whole hotel of people or have access to your own hot tub at your cabin? Depending on what cabin you choose there are other amenities you don’t have to share like a washer, dryer, pool table, and arcade games.

Specials and Discounts

Cabins often offer seasonal specials and discounts on attractions in the area. You can save a lot of money on fun activities that you and your family can enjoy when you are not having fun in your cabin.

Get Closer to Nature

You can be closer to nature if you stay in a Pigeon Forge cabin. You don’t have to rough it in the woods to get the real nature experience. Stay at a cabin and get the best of both worlds without pulling out the tent and sleeping bags.

Create Family Memories

One of the best reasons to stay in a Pigeon Forge cabin is that it creates a unique experience the whole family will have fond memories of. You can establish a family tradition by hosting gatherings at a cabin every year. It would be something the whole family would enjoy.

Hopefully, this list has given you some options to weigh. We know what choice we would make.A family with grandparents, parents, and kids.

As you are sipping coffee from the porch of your Pigeon Forge cabin while the sun rises, you will know that you made the right decision. Check out all of our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals to find the one that is best for you.