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Closeup of a foosball table at one of our cabins in Pigeon Forge TN with game rooms

4 Advantages of Vacationing at Cabins in Gatlinburg TN with Game Rooms


If you want to make your family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee extra special, consider staying at one of our game room cabins. Offering a variety of fun activities, such as billiards, foosball, air hockey, ping pong, and video games, our game rooms are the perfect way to keep your clan entertained around the clock. To help you make the most of your getaway, we have put together a list of the top advantages of staying at our cabins in Gatlinburg TN with game rooms.

1. Your Kids Will Always Have Something to Do

The most dreaded phrase a parent can hear on a family vacation is, “I’m bored.” When you stay at our game room cabins, however, there will never be a dull moment for your children! Kids absolutely love having their own special part of the cabin where they can play to their hearts’ content. Billiards and foosball are the two most common activities you can expect at our game room cabins, but some of our properties come with special amenities. Here is a quick look at a few of our cabins with unique games:

  • Grinnin Bears offers two arcade style Multicade Games with all of the classics.
  • Lasting Impressions comes with an excellent ping pong table.
  • A Moment Inn Time features a great air hockey table.   

If you have any questions about which games you can find at which cabins, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call!

2. Perfect for a Rainy or a Snowy DayA pool table in a cabin in Gatlinburg TN with a game room.

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate with your outdoor vacation plans, and you need to spend the day indoors. When you stay at one of our cabins in Gatlinburg TN with game rooms, you’ll always have a backup plan if you need to scrap your original itinerary. Staying in and playing a few rounds of pool is always a great way to pass an afternoon!

3. Family Bonding

Vacationing at a cabin with a game room can be a great opportunity for some family bonding. Parents can have a lot of fun showing their kids the finer points of billiards or foosball. Organizing a family game tournament is a fantastic way to introduce some friendly competition into your vacation. Split your family into teams and settle once and for all who is the ultimate pool shark. To raise the stakes, let the winning team pick the restaurant for that evening’s dinner!  

4. Saves Money

Having a game room in your cabin can actually save your family a lot of money on their vacation. The more entertainment you have in your cabin, the less money you’ll have to spend on attractions and shows in town. Going out every afternoon and night to find something to do can add up quickly, so spending some time enjoying the amenities in your cabin is a great way to stay under budget.

Arcade games in a cabin in Gatlinburg TN with a game room.To start planning your vacation, check out our complete selection of cabins in Gatlinburg TN with game rooms!