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Girl and her dog in the back of a car on their way to one of our pet friendly cabins near Gatlinburg TN.

Top 3 Benefits to Bringing Your Pup to Our Pet Friendly Cabins Near Gatlinburg TN


We know that your family would not be complete without your pup, and we don’t think your vacation should be either! We are excited to offer several pet friendly cabins near Gatlinburg TN so that you can plan a fun trip for the whole family, no critters excluded! Keep reading to learn our top 3 benefits to bringing your pup along on the family vacation.

1. Bringing Fido Will Save You Money

Vacations can be expensive, and boarding your dog is a huge added expense. The cost of keeping Fido boarded for a long weekend trip quickly eats into your budget for fun things like attractions and dining. That’s why we believe you should pack all the kids into the car, including the 4-legged variety, and head up to the Smoky Mountains for a vacation that the whole family can enjoy!

Not only will avoiding boarding costs save you money, but our pet friendly cabins near Gatlinburg TN are already so affordable that you will be amazed by all the amenities and extras you’ll enjoy at such a low price! For the same price as you’d spend on a cramped hotel room, you and the family will have plenty of space to spread out and relax in our cabins. And the whole day will be loaded with fun when you enjoy your cabin’s game room, theater room, private hot tub and beautiful mountain views! Our cabins just can’t be beat!

2. The Kids Will Love ItFamily walking dog in the park.

Vacation is a blast! It’s a special time set aside for everyone to relax and enjoy several days of non-stop fun, and your kids are going to love sharing this time with their best friend Fido! Everything fun at the cabin, such as games, movies and the private deck will be more fun when they can share it with their dog, and we bet you’ll love having the little pooch around, too. After all, vacations are meant for the whole family to enjoy, so why would you leave such an important member of the family out of the adventure?

3. Your Pup Needs a Vacation, Too!

The stress of everyday life doesn’t just affect parents. It affects all members of the family including the kids and even the family dog! When humans are busy and hectic, Fido is feeling the stress as well, and he needs a vacation just like the rest of you! Being a loyal friend and ball of energy is hard work, after all! Our pet friendly cabins near Gatlinburg TN are designed to be the ideal place to unwind for the whole family! And the Smokies have plenty of fun attractions that welcome your pup!

Dog sitting on a bench on the porch of a log cabin.The Gatlinburg Sky Lift is an awesome example of something fun to do with your dog. Pack the kids and pup onto the sky lift, and enjoy the view from the top of the mountain! And if you love to shop, put Fido on a secure leash and head out to the Village Shops. This is a variety of 27 unique shops to keep your family entertained for hours, including Simply Animals which is a great place to pick up a toy or a treat for the pup!

Be sure to check out all of our pet friendly cabins near Gatlinburg TN and start planning your vacation today.