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eagle falls gatlinburg cabin with indoor pool

5 Perks of Staying in Our Gatlinburg Cabins With an Indoor Pool


When you’re searching for the perfect cabin for your Smoky Mountain vacation, you’re probably thinking about all the perks you could get. There are quite a few, like a mountain view, cozy hot tub, and home theaters. But one of the most popular amenities people love is an indoor pool! Luckily we have quite a few to choose from, but first, we want to talk about the benefits of staying in these Gatlinburg cabins with an indoor pool.

1. Stay Entertained

sweet feet retreat indoor pool in a gatlinburg cabinOne thing parents worry about when going on vacation is hearing the kids say that they’re bored. With a private pool, you definitely won’t hear them complain that there’s nothing to do! From the youngest child to the oldest adult, everyone will stay entertained during your trip with this popular amenity!

2. Free to Use

A huge perk of Gatlinburg cabins with an indoor pool is that they’re free to use! The pool comes with the rental of your cabin, so you won’t have to pay extra to access it or enjoy taking a dip! Everyone loves free things to do, and there’s no better way to save money on your trip than to have something fun to do where you’re staying. You’ll save on gas, attraction tickets, and so much more by staying in a cabin with a pool!

3. Skip the Sunscreen

splashin chalet gatlinburg cabin with indoor pool

It can be a battle to get the kids to put on their sunscreen. So a benefit of an indoor pool is you don’t have to wear any! Since you won’t be out in the sun, it’s not a requirement to put sunscreen on. That completely avoids the battle of putting it on your kids before they get in the water and every few hours as well. They can just focus on making memories, and you can have a blast watching them or join in on the fun!

4. Great Way to Unwind

Staying in a Gatlinburg cabin with an indoor pool is a great way to relax. You won’t have to wonder where the kids are like you would if you went out to a public attraction. Everyone with you is someone you know, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing them. You guys can be as loud as you want, let the kids get their energy out, and you can relax in the water right alongside them!

5. Don’t Have to Leave for Fun

smoky oasis indoor poolWe know how hard it can be to pack up the car and head out to go somewhere. It can be even more stressful on vacation because you may not know where you’re going or how long it will take to get there. By choosing one of our indoor pool cabins, you don’t have to leave to have fun! There’s nothing more convenient than changing clothes in your room and walking through the house to get to the pool! You’ll love not having to leave to do something exciting.

These are just some of the perks of staying in a rental with a private pool. Once you stay in one, you won’t want to stay anywhere else! Ready to book your trip? Look through our Gatlinburg cabins with an indoor pool, and pick the perfect one for you today!