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A woman using a laptop at one of our Tennessee Smoky Mountain cabins with WiFi.

5 Benefits of Vacationing at Tennessee Smoky Mountain Cabins with WiFi


Having internet access can be very useful during your vacation! Heritage Cabin Rentals is pleased to offer a great variety of Tennessee Smoky Mountain cabins with WiFi. Read on to learn about the top five benefits of staying at a cabin with wireless internet:

1. Research the Best Things to Do

While guests typically do a lot of research prior to leaving for their trip, having the internet in your cabin makes it easy to quickly look up information about things to do in the Smokies. Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are invaluable resources, because they let you see what other vacationers are saying about the area’s most talked about attractions and restaurants. Travel websites also let you stumble across some hidden gems that you may not have found on your own.

Anyone who plans on doing some hiking will definitely want to stay at a cabin with WiFi. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park website and other sites will provide you with all of the information you need to know about where to find trailheads, how long trails are, and what to expect on each hike.

2. Entertainment for a Rainy DayFamily using a tablet together on the couch.

Staying at one of our Tennessee Smoky Mountain cabins with WiFi means that your family will never be bored during your vacation. If the weather doesn’t cooperate with your outdoor plans, you will always have Netflix or Hulu to fall back on. Between the internet, flat screen TVs, and game rooms, our cabins are loaded with so much indoor entertainment that you may have trouble convincing your kids to leave!

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3. Up to Date Weather Information

When you plan your activities for each day, it’s important that you know what kind of weather to expect. Having WiFi in your cabin allows you to get up to date forecasts at your convenience, instead of waiting for a meteorologist to come on TV or the radio. The internet is also helpful when it comes to finding out whether an outdoor event was canceled or delayed due to rain.

4. Get Coupons

Many attractions in the area offer online coupons or provide discounts for guests who buy tickets on their website. When you have WiFi in your cabin, you can easily take advantage of these deals and save some serious cash!

A man using a laptop.5. Stay in Touch with Friends and Family

Your friends and family will want to hear all about how your vacation is going, and the internet makes it easy to fill everyone in. Instead of taking the time to call everyone, you can send out one big email or post a Facebook update with a brief description of what you’ve been up to. Of course, you will also want to share lots of vacation photos on social media!

To start planning your getaway, check out our complete listing of Tennessee Smoky Mountain cabins with WiFi. For more information about any of our properties, or to get a cabin recommendation, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call today!