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Happy dog outside of a pet friendly Pigeon Forge cabin

Plan a Pet Friendly Pigeon Forge Cabin Vacation in 5 Easy Steps


Wouldn’t your vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains be more fun if you could bring your dog? At Heritage Cabin Rentals, guests can stay at a pet friendly Pigeon Forge cabin where furry family members are welcome! We have put together five simple steps for planning a trip to the Smokies with your pooch.

1. Choose a Pet Friendly Cabin

Browse our cabin listings and choose a property that is pet friendly. You’ll find that our cabins are spacious and comfortable, for humans as well as dogs! Our cabins have the very best amenities, such as charcoal grills, Jacuzzis, pool tables, fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, and incredible views. Please note that there is an additional fee for bringing your four-legged friend on vacation.

2. Figure Out Travel Arrangements

Traveling with a pet doesn’t have to be complicated! Guests driving to the Smokies should consider keeping their dog in a crate so he doesn’t injure himself in the car or distract the driver. If your dog isn’t accustomed to crates, you can introduce him to the crate a few weeks before your trip.

Guests arriving by plane should research airlines and find one that can accommodate their needs. Most major airlines let you take smaller dogs into the cabin area as carry-on baggage. If at all possible, avoid having your dog kept in cargo, as this is a separate area where you won’t be able to have any contact with your pet during the flight.

3. Make Sure Your Dog is ComfortableFamily in the grass with puppy near their pet friendly Pigeon Forge cabin

The best way to ensure that your dog is comfortable during the trip is to bring some familiar items along. A favorite toy or blanket can be a reassuring presence in a new environment. It’s also helpful to bring some of your dog’s typical foods and snacks along, as a change in diet can be disorienting. Finally, try to maintain your dog’s normal feeding schedule as much as possible.

4.  Find Out Where You Can Bring Your Dog

The Pigeon Forge area has many pet friendly destinations. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park allows dogs on all roads and picnic areas as long as they are on a leash. Dogs are also permitted on two short hiking trails: the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail. You can find out more details about bringing pets to the Smokies on the official national park website:

Dollywood offers special accommodations for pets. Guests can drop their dogs off at “Doggywood” before enjoying the theme park’s excellent rides and entertainment. More information can be found on the Dollywood website.

The Gatlinburg Sky Lift is a scenic chair lift offering unparalleled views of the downtown area. Patrons are allowed to bring their furry friends with them on this exciting ride. You can learn more about the Gatlinburg Sky Lift on its official website:

Boy hugging his dog near a pet friendly Pigeon Forge cabin5. Keep Your Dog Safe

Your dog should be on a leash at all times, whether you are near your pet friendly Pigeon Forge cabin or in a public area. The Great Smoky Mountains are home to bears and other wild animals, so it’s never a good idea to let your dog run loose. The Smokies are also an unfamiliar area, so you don’t want your dog to run off and get lost. Make sure you have a sturdy collar and leash, as well as an ID tag for your pet. If your dog takes any type of medication, make sure you bring it along for your trip as well.

Before you book your cabin, check out our Pigeon Forge Cabin Specials page to learn how you can save money on your vacation!