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skyfly in pigeon forge

6 of the Best Pigeon Forge Attractions For Kids


Pigeon Forge is a popular family vacation destination, probably because of all the fun things to do! You can experience unique rides or make lifetime memories playing games together. No matter how you want to spend your vacation, you’ll love doing it with your family. Here are 6 of the best Pigeon Forge attractions for kids:

1. Toy Box Mini Golf

toy box mini golf in pigeon forgeIs it really vacation if you don’t play at least one game of mini golf? The best place to take your kids to play a round or two is Toy Box Mini Golf! You’ll feel like a kid again at heart seeing all the life-size toys you know and love, like a slinky and Rex from Toy Story. And your kids will have a blast playing the challenges along every hole and seeing these features along the way. After you finish your game, you’ll want to make your way to the gift shop where you can pick up a toy you saw as you played at Toy Box Mini Golf!

2. SkyFly: Soar America

If you have little adventurers, you’ll want to take them to The Island in Pigeon Forge to experience SkyFly: Soar America. This unique Pigeon Forge attraction for kids immerses you in a flight simulation where you soar over incredible landscapes from all over the country. You’ll move up and down, forward and back, and experience wind and smells along the way! Don’t miss out on SkyFly in Pigeon Forge with your family!

3. Goats on the Roof

Goats on the RoofAnother popular place kids love is Goats on the Roof! This one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for kids of all ages. You’ll see living goats hanging out on the roof of the general store, and you can purchase snacks and send them up the little elevator. After taking in these cute animals, you can experience some thrills on the mountain coaster, and end the day with an ice cream cone from their gift shop. You’ll love visiting Goats on the Roof in Pigeon Forge!

4. Gem Mining

An unusual Pigeon Forge attraction for kids is gem mining! Your whole family can purchase a bag of sand and dirt with gems hidden in there to sift through using the water sluice. Everyone will love the experience of searching for beautiful gemstones at any of the gem mining places in town!

5. MagiQuest

The MagiQuest building welcomes guests to a magical world of adventures among 4 unique attractions.MagiQuest is another one of the best Pigeon Forge attractions for kids that parents will love too! The huge castle building puts you in the mindset of being a magician making their way through magical lands and solving puzzles. In addition to playing the signature game, you can also play mini golf, make your way through a mirror maze, and win games in the arcade at MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge.

6. Go Karts

Of course, you can’t visit Pigeon Forge without riding go karts with your family! Race each other as you swerve and fly along the track to see who is the fastest. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, everyone can have fun at several go kart tracks in town!

You’ll all have so much fun on your family vacation, especially when you try these Pigeon Forge attractions for kids. Since you have an idea of what you will do when you’re here, you just need a place to stay! Look through our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals, and book one for your next trip!