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zorbing at outdoor gravity park in pigeon forge

Top 5 Unusual Things to Do in Pigeon Forge


When you go on vacation, you may look for some entertaining things to do you know and love. But maybe you want to branch out and try something you’ve never done or seen before. Pigeon Forge has several unusual attractions you won’t easily find anywhere else, and we want to share the top ones with you! Check out these top 5 unusual things to do in Pigeon Forge:

1. Play Games at MagiQuest

magiquest in pigeon forgeThere are more and more interactive gaming attractions popping up around the world, but you probably haven’t seen one that takes place in a faraway land with dragons, princesses, and wizards! MagiQuest is a family friendly attraction with a main game play where players make their way through various challenges using a wand. You’ll also be able to go through a mirror maze, play a round of mini golf, and enjoy games in the arcade at MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge! We promise you’ll have a blast at this unusual thing to do in Pigeon Forge!

2. Get a Hole in One at Toy Box Mini Golf

Mini golf is virtually at every hot vacation spot, but you won’t find one with a toy theme quite like Toy Box Mini Golf! Your favorite toys have come to life around you as you face the 18-hole course. Try to get a hole in one as you pass Rex from Toy Story, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots, and other familiar toys. Once you’ve finished golfing, you can head inside to play in a laser maze or pick up some candy and toys! Your whole crew will love playing at Toy Box Mini Golf!

3. Check Out Goats on the Roof Pigeon Forge

goats on the roof mountain coaster in pigeon forgeWhile you can find farm animals just about anywhere, we can guarantee you won’t find them on every roof! Goats on the Roof is an unusual thing to do in Pigeon Forge you have to see to believe! These creatures actually live on the roof of the general store, and visitors can send up some tasty treats for the goats on the conveyor belt! You guys will also want to try the mountain coaster, browse through the gift shop, and end your time at Goats on the Roof in Pigeon Forge with an ice cream cone on the front porch!

4. Zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park

Another unique thing to do in Pigeon Forge you won’t find anywhere else in the country is zorbing! Outdoor Gravity Park has brought this entertaining attraction to East Tennessee, and it’s where 1 to 3 people fit inside an 11-foot inflatable ball that is filled with a few gallons of water. Once inside, riders are sent down one of the hills for a thrilling experience!

5. Try Indoor Snow Tubing at Pigeon Forge Snow

pigeon forge snow tubingPigeon Forge Snow is another unique activity you won’t see just anywhere. While you may easily find snow tubing in winter, where else can you go to do it in the height of summer? Guests of all ages will have a blast flying down the hill in a tube on real snow, as well as playing in the snow area! You won’t need to bundle up, because special technology prevents the snow from melting while the temperature sits around 70 degrees Fahrenheit! You’ll love tubing in Pigeon Forge at this attraction!

You’ll love trying all of these unique things to do in Pigeon Forge on your next trip! But they aren’t the only fun activities you should try when you stay with us. Don’t miss out on these other attractions in the Smoky Mountains!