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the apple barn in sevierville tn

4 Things You May Not Know About the Apple Barn in Sevierville TN


If you have never been to the Apple Barn in Sevierville TN, you should definitely visit the next time you’re in town! There’s so much to do in the Apple Barn Village, from browsing through the general store to tasting delicious food. We want to share some things you may not know about this entertainment complex. Here are 4 things you may not know about the Apple Barn in Sevierville TN:

1. There are 2 restaurants in the Apple Barn Village.

applewood farmhouse restaurantIn 1986, two families came together and started the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant in the existing farmhouse on the property. The popularity of this restaurant continued to grow, so the Applewood Farmhouse Grill was built in 1995. Both restaurants are busy constantly, and they both serve similar food. With every meal, you will get apple julep, apple fritters, apple butter, and with breakfast you get apple cinnamon muffins. The apple specialties are made in house from the apple orchard behind the restaurants. Both restaurants serve southern food, including fried chicken, meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, and much more.

2. You can taste homemade wine.

If you love to go wine tasting, you can do that at the Apple Barn Winery! Apples from the orchard are picked and taken to the distillery where they are turned into wine. There’s merlot, muscadine, white, and blush wines. There are also flavored wines, including plain apple, apple peach, apple raspberry, and apple strawberry. When you go into the winery, you can head to the tasting bar and try a few of the wines for free. If you find one you like and want to eat a meal at one of the restaurants, you can take it with you and have it corked without an extra fee. The Apple Barn Winery is actually part of the Rocky Top Wine Trail in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville.

3. You can taste homemade cider.

apple barn cider house in sevierville tnNot only can you do wine tastings at the Apple Barn in Sevierville TN, you can also taste cider! The cider bar was added after the Apple Barn Village was opened in 1981. Apples from the orchard are pressed, creating delicious cider people can enjoy any time of the year. You can taste their cider hot or cold at the tasting bar inside the General Store. More recently, the Cider House offers hard cider. You can taste their hard cider in the same area, as long as you are at least 21 years old. A couple of their most popular flavors include Berry Patch, a combination of Loganberries and apples, and C’N red, a blend of apples and red muscadines.

4. You’ll find all kinds of treats.

There are all kinds of treats in the Apple Barn Village you’ll want to taste. There’s a bakery where you can get delicious apple pie, apple cinnamon bread, apple crumb cake, and so much more. The bakery also has specialty and seasonal flavors you can only get certain times during the year, so you won’t want to miss out on these! At the candy store, you’ll find homemade fudge, peanut brittle, salt water taffy, and many other kinds of candies you’ll want to bring home. The creamery serves all kinds of treats, including ice cream, malts, and sundaes. They have all your favorite flavors, as well as some signature ones you should try!

Now you know a little bit more about the Apple Barn in Sevierville TN. Want to know what else you should do when you stay with us? Check out these attractions in Pigeon Forge for some ideas!